API System

You can connect your   script to own site Slem API and convert all your links without visiting our site to short link:

API Adress :


 Parameters :

url : Address of the page that you want to shorten it (before posting is encoded using urlencode)

email : Account Email

password :  Account Password


If all items are correct and shortened link to a JSON object output is as follows.


          'status': 1,
          'result': 'Shortened Link'

If there's a problem, a JSON object output is as follows.


          'errorDescription': 'erro Description'

List of error codes :


100 : Request Must Be "POST" Method

101 : Email is missing or incorrect

102 : The password is not correct

103 : Address Unknown

104 : Address you entered is incorrect


Description :

Parameters via the POST method should be sent to the desired address.

It should be noted in this connection must be done by the developer of your site.